A place of friendly and welcoming people, missionaries and gold seekers, shipwrecks and Indians. Tremendous landscapes of a long history plagued with legends. Ushuaia, a remote land, the southern extreme of the world.


TIERRA DEL FUEGO NATIONAL PARK: 12 kilometers from the city and during approximately 4 hours which will allow you to experience the forest which frames beatiful views of the Beagle Channel and other places where one can also see examples of local fauna.

Other places are fitting to be visited: the area of Bahía Ensenada, the cascade of the Pipo River, thelookout point of Isla Redonda, Lake Roca, the Ovando River, the Lapataia River, Laguna Verde, Laguna Negra, the beaver trail and Bahia Lapataia, where the National Route 3, which cuts across the entire Patagonian coast, comes to an end.

LAKE FAGNANO: An excursion of approximately 6 hours which allows us to visit the dam and the cascade of the Olivia River, the Cascada del Velo de Novia, Virgen de Lourdes, Refugio Altos del Valle, Valle de los Huskies, Tierra Mayor, Lapataia and the Cotorras, among other places.

LAKE ESCONDIDO: Located 50 kilometers to the north of the city on Route 3, the land excursion lasts approximately 4 hours. Here, you can observe the cascade of Olivia and the Velo de Novia, the Centro de Invierno, Tierra Mayor and Paso Garibaldi (which crosses the mountain range) arriving to the Petrel Lodge at Lake Escondido.

HARBERTON: The land excursion to Bahía de Harberton, located 85 kilometers from Ushuaia on the northern coast of the Beagle Channel, lasting approximately 7 hours.

Upon arrival to the ranch, we receive an approximately 1 hour guided tour of the installations; we add to this ten kilometers of beauty among the rivers, mountains, and channels, being able to see Isla Picton and Islote Snipe in the Beagle and Moat channels.

ISLA DE LOS LOBOS: This is a 3 hour maritime excursion through Bahía Ushuaia and the Beagle Channel, the Isla de los Pájaros, the Isla de los Lobos, and the Les Eclaireus lighthouse.

Sailboats: leaving from the port of Ushuaia, the sailboat "Tres Marías" offers the possibility of navigating by Martillo Island, visiting its colony of pinguins and navigating through the Beagle channel. Another important sailboat is the "Ksar" which takes on the feared Cabo de Hornos.

ACTIVITIES. You can practice winter sports in the five winter centers, all perfect for mountain skiing (with or without solar light), downhill skiing, and sled-rides. Another typical activity is ice skating over the frozen surface of the Bahía Encerrada, directly across from Ushuaia.

One can also navigate in the sea, make cruises in sailboats, and practice adventure tourism, as well as treking and horseback riding.

The exquisite regional cooking is outstanding, and offers asados (barbecues) of meat and lamb, and abundent varieties of fish and seafood. It is obligatory to try the crab from Ushuaia, a giant crab from the waters of the Beagle Channel, famous around the world.

SHOPPING. The island territory is a tax free area, which makes the shopping of certain products advantageous: tobacco, liquor, electronics, and elements of photography. In terms of regional products, the wood carvings are outstanding.

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